by Tiverton 


Despite the hardships that came with COVID-19 this year, farmers were still dedicated to providing produce, earning them favor with consumers. In a recent Gallup Poll, farming and agriculture are listed as the top-ranking U.S. industry among 25 other major sectors. This is the first time in the poll’s 20-year history tracking Americans’ views of various business and industry sectors that farming and ag have rated first.


What Consumers are Saying: The pandemic has brought on a greater understanding of farmers’ impact on the community’s well-being. With shelf limitations and the masses hurrying to store food, consumers have grown to appreciate the hard work of the farming and agriculture industry and its rapid production of nutritious foods. Despite the challenges that arose with COVID-19, farmers and ranchers continued to work tirelessly, providing vital food supply to Americans during the pandemic.


This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful to see the nation come together in recognition of American agriculture and domestically-grown crops and livestock. We’re proud to be a part of the farming community.


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