by Tiverton 


Agricultural producers whose farms have been affected by the recent wildfires may qualify for loans and other financial assistance from the USDA. Due to more than 2 million acres of land being burned by wildfires, the USDA has partnered with FEMA and other organizations to create a Disaster Resource Center for farmers and ranchers.

About the Disaster Resource Center: The agricultural community can access this searchable knowledge base of disaster-related resources. The resource center includes agents to help farmers and ranchers in finding disaster information and aid relevant to their situation. They also offer a disaster assistance discovery tool that provides producers with personalized options based on a short questionnaire.

About the Disaster Relief Coverage: The USDA grants a variety of disaster services including an emergency loan program and long-term support after natural disasters. Farmers impacted by natural disasters have options for a wide spectrum of needs including farmland repair, private forest restoration, watershed relief, tree replanting, and more.

For more information, contact your local USDA Service Center.

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