Farm Storage Facility Loan Borrowers Are Now Able to Defer Payment

Farm Storage Facility Loan Borrowers Can Now Defer Payment

by Tiverton  The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) is now offering annual installment deferral options for farm storage facility loan borrowers who have experienced hardship from the pandemic or other production challenges. It’s a one-time…
While farm lending slows find the data trends from the first half of 2020

Farm Lending Slows, More Pessimistic Outlook for Agricultural Economic Conditions

Commodity prices and closed markets aren’t the only effects of the pandemic. Farm lending has slowed and lends to a more pessimistic outlook for agricultural economic conditions. The slowdown is consistent across all types of loans, and delinquency…
More farmers are declaring bankruptcy amidst pandemic

More Farmers Declare Bankruptcy Even with Billions in Aid

Despite a $7 billion injection from the Department of Agriculture to mitigate losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Wall Street Journal reports that more U.S. farmers are filing for bankruptcy. Why it Matters: Farmers are fighting…