About Us

Ground Level Approach


  • Tiverton’s partners are farmers, operators and investors
  • We own and operate tractors. We know how to set up a yield monitor and calibrate a combine. Our hands loved to be covered with loamy soils. We have a true appreciation for the challenges that face the production agricultural markets and its operators
  • We also know how to structure large financial transactions, reorganize a balance sheet and help a business profitably grow their operations
  • We’re passionate about Advancing Ag


  • We manage approximately $1Bn in agricultural investments
  • Further, through Tiverton’s affiliates, we:
    • Manage over 90,000 acres of farmland in 8 states
    • Provide Precision Ag services to over 125,000 acres in 5 states
    • Directly farm 25,000 acres in 3 states
  • We invest throughout the capital stack. As such, we are able to:
    • Drive attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors and clients
    • Provide flexible financing / investment solutions for our clients
    • Partner with Ag professional in good times and bad
  • By combining leading finance and agricultural expertise, we add agronomic, operations and financial expertise
    • We are as comfortable discussing seed varieties and milking cycles as we are discounted cash flows
    • We understand both definitions of the words, “bull pen”
    • We appreciate the challenges production Ag professionals face
  • Our principals have 100+ years of collective Ag operating and finance experience


  • Our capital is provided via institutional investors, including:
    • Leading financial sponsors
    • Insurance companies
    • Endowments
    • Sophisticated family offices